Thursday, February 20, 2020

System and databases Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

System and databases - Essay Example The details of the venue should be kept for record purposes. Presenters should be paid upon completion of the conference. It is important for the staff to check if the conference was run for the first-time or repeated because the presenters are paid higher fees for the first-time conference as they have to write the material for it. The details of payment, such as, amount, method etc. should be recorded, and a pay slip for the presenter. A record of the payment should be kept for tax and other purposes. ii. Define the Business System Option which you think is best for the organisation, taking all factors into consideration. It is not necessary to give a detailed technical specification or precise costing. The reasons for the recommendation should be clearly stated and the implications for the organisation fully explored. However all points should be directly relevant to the organisation and expressed as concisely as possible. Marks will be deducted if the answer has many vague generalisations about the benefits of IT. The users can forward their suggestions about new topics through the website, hence, eliminating the need for consulting or contacting organizations and delegates over the phone or in person on regular basis. Once users are able to include their nominations for potential topics and companies are able to offer their sponsorship through the website, it would be also possible for the system to automatically determine the feasibility of conferences for setup. This option will increase the productivity of the research department to the great extent. The system shall list down appropriate presenters for the conference on the basis of their experience, education, or any specified criteria. This would allow the Production department to select the suitable presenter in less period of time. The system shall keep a check on unpaid invoices and shall be able to generate

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Difference among Brick and Mortar Businesses Assignment - 10

Difference among Brick and Mortar Businesses - Assignment Example Web stores refer to a form of electronic business whereby clients directly buy products from a seller over the Internet with no an intermediary service (Recklies 57). Web stores are also referred to as online shops. An online shop excludes the physical equivalence of buying goods or services at shopping centers or bricks-and-mortar retailers. The process is referred to as a business-to-consumer (B2C) Internet shopping. When a company buys from another company it is referred to as B2B online shopping. B2B stands for business-to-business. The largest online retailing businesses are as well as eBay. They are both based in the United States. A catalog business is also another form of retailing. The business trades in a wide variety of personal products as well as household. Most catalog businesses emphasize on jewelry. Unlike a self-serve retail shop, a majority of the items in the catalog shop are not displayed. Clients pick the products from written catalogs in the shop and fill out an order paper. The order is taken to the sales desk, where a clerk fetches the items from the warehouse to a payment and checkout desk. The catalog business has lower prices than other traders plus lower expenses because of the smaller size of the store (Recklies 60). A restaurant’s value chain should incorporate producers, aggregators, processors, distributors, wholesale buyers, farmers markets, consumers plus a wide variety of essential supporters (Recklies 156). Casa Nueva, a restaurant in Athens, had been purchasing local plus practicing season expansion on its own for many years. The restaurant has, however, in the recent days, been applying the value chains elements, and its sells have boosted up.